3 Places to Experience on Your First Safari

Petra’s visit to Kenya gave her the opportunity to spend a few more days taking her on a safari trip. Her friend lived in Kenya so she asked for a suggestion – that was it! We have planned a six-day trip to Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha for the last lunch on the peaceful Kiambethu Tea farm. Unusual natural life and amazing hippo on a traveling safari were among his features.

Having voted Leading National Park for Africa for the sixth time at the 2018 World Travel Awards, the Maasai Mara National Reserve should be in its first safari program. It was Petra’s first goal and being at the end of July, it didn’t bother. He settled in Camp Aruba in the glorious vicinity of the Talek Gate, right on the bank of the Talek River. This is the time of year when temporary herds of wildebeests enter the Maasai Mara from the Serengeti so natural life is enough – wildebeests, zebras and females, but also moreover hunters who follow a pleated dinner plate.

Crack Valley lakes

Lake Nakuru National Park just moved away from it, the home of the infamous Rothschild giraffe and black rhinos. He traveled the night to Punda Milias Camp a few miles from the resort, allowing the next morning to pass for the purpose of conducting a game study. He spent most of the day at the resort, getting a spectacular view of those Rothschild giraffes and reached a spectacular view of Lake Nakuru and the all-inclusive public park. In the evening, he made a short walk to another lake in the Rift Valley: Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is the largest lake in Kenya’s Rift Valley. A large part of this interaction is located on the shores of the Lake and is the place where Petra finds her sea belt at Camp Carnelley’s. Earlier in the day he went on a mobile trip to Wileli Conservancy. More giraffes! By this time they were Maasai giraffes and there were even lovers walking the trail before him for some time. As he walked around the lake (and the director and officer) frightened the hippo that had been touching out of the water – which was unusual as the hippo was brushing in the evenings and sitting in the water during the day. Fortunately, when the people approached the hippo they ran straight into the lake with a god-like spray.

After that power, Petra went on a tour of another safari – this time in the city to see life in Kenya. Chasing somewhere near the lake is a little fatal as they climb up and away from the sea. Eventually after being hit by a rough terrain they reached a wide hole and took a good view of the lake, blooming blooms, various nature reserves and the warm vegetation of Hells Gate National Park.

Do you want to visit part of these places yourself? We adapt safaris to your time, interests and spending plan to ensure you get the time you need and need.

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